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Although officially started in 2015, the foundations of ’CitiBuild’ began almost 5 years before when founders Dan White and Dan Meehan started working together in London.


Working for a fit out and construction company covering UK and Europe they expanded upon already established trade skills, whilst also gaining valuable experience in team and project management. They realised that one of the key elements to the success of a project was the diverse knowledge, skill sets and friendly working relationships of their teams.

DEDICATEd to building better

Back home in Brisbane, Dan and Dan decided to build upon this shared ethos they had established. They began a company based around a team with diverse trade expertise, yet shared ideals and ethics. A team that was dedicated to ‘building better’.


Along with valued colleagues from London and new recruits, it wasn’t long before they had a team who proved their idea to be a success… so much so it kept the team so busy they had been working for nearly a year before ‘CitiBuild’ was officially named and founded in early 2015.

a team you can trust

Today the team is made up of industry qualified and experienced members with skills covering the entire construction sector. Although their specific skill sets may vary, the team all share the same dedicated approach to their work and client relations.


CitiBuild is founded upon the principle of ‘building firm foundations’. Much like this being vital for a successful construction project, Dan and Dan have shown that it is also the basis for building a team you can trust.

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